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Mobile Development

Mobile Applications Development

Bitmantra was born with the essence of becoming a Mobile Development ace, a hotshot at every technology, a pro in every platform. Whether you have an idea or not, Bitmantra is here to transform you and your needs into a downloadable mobile platform. We have been a trusted player for delivering high-performance development since inception. To have a crisp look at our robustness, don’t forget to click through here.

Mobile Development Platform

We have permeated the entire range of mobile platforms. From the awesome iPhone, to the marvelous Playbook tablet of Blackberry, Bitmantra adapts to all futuristics platforms and gadgets. Bitmantra is dominated with the virtuosity to put together applications for a mixed bag of platforms: iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7. With digital addicts on board for all these respective platforms, We make it happen with extensive knowledge and experience.

Applications – Mobile Technology

Our expertise lies in capitalizing various technologies like iPhone SDK, Android SDK, Blackberry development SDK, OpenGL 3D graphics framework, J2ME, Java Programming Language, Eclipse, HTML, CSS and Javascript. The letter-perfect usage of these languages have come in with the right knack and the fondness for mobile development.

Our Team and Approach:

Deploying the latest technologies and adherence to industry standards has made Bitmantra become a differentiator in mobile development. Our genuine goal of developing applications, which bring in more and more gold coins to your pocket is our prime strength. You are not looked up as our client, but your piece of work becomes Bitmantras’ in-house product which has to render, a substantial return and an overwhelming response. Our team never fails to fabricate your next big application meeting all your specifications. Get associated with Bitmantra to let your App rock the charts.